Special Equipment Service

  • Equipment Loan Service

    The observed high incidence of pressure sores in bed-ridden patients stimulated the FSEG to donate six "Ripple" mattresses to the hospital in 1988. This action had a catalytic effect and the hospital authorities soon supplied a large number of similar mattresses.

    The FSEG organisation continues to provide pressure-relieving mattresses ("Ripple" or "Eggshell") and cushions to bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound persons in their residences. In the past 3 years the equipment loan service has been expanded as stated below. In 2013 the number of loans has doubled and continues to increase year by year. 

    Other equipment items (such as electrically adjustable beds, patient hoists, wheelchairs, walking aids, commodes, toilet-seat raisers, etc.) are loaned out and some others are donated. The society procures and delivers them charging only a deposit; however, some people kindly give a donation to the society in addition. Some items are loaned free of charge to anyone who cannot afford to pay anything.

    Our store is currently at "Dar il-Fjuri", 23rd April Street, Victoria.

    For more information please phone Equipment Manager Mr Chris Galea on Mob. 79552211


    1. The person requesting the equipment is required to provide evidence of need from a doctor, a nurse, a priest, a Committee member or a trusted person.
    2. The borrower is responsible for the cost of transport, maintenance and repair of the equipment and is required to take good care of it and inform FSEG.
    3. A non-returnable donation is required on delivery and a regular quarterly donation is suggested thereafter, according to a current tariff.
    4. The equipment remains the sole property of the FSEG, is lent to a specified person and cannot be lent or sublet to others.
    5. The FSEG reserves the right to inspect the equipment from time to time at its discretion, and to withdraw it if it is abused, not being used or if any of the conditions are broken.
    6. The borrower is responsible for the return of the equipment in good condition without delay when no longer needed.


  • Equipment Procurement / Loan Service Tariffs

    1. Equipment is loaned out at the following rates:
      • Beds, Recliners, Patient Lifters:     €90.00 (Members €75.00) donation and a quarterly donation thereafter
      • Mattresses and Wheelchairs:         €37.00 (Members €30.00) donation and a quarterly donation thereafter
      • Small Medical Aids e.g. crutches:  €20.00 (Members €15.00) donation and a quarterly donation thereafter. 

      [Donations are non-refundable and are to cover expenses, the rates depend on cost of material, transport, depreciation; periodic donations are discretionary retainer contributions]

    2.   When the client prefers to buy the equipment outright, the FSEG will either

          a) obtain and deliver the equipment, or

          b) direct the buyer to the selling agents.

    [This service is FREE, but a donation would be appreciated.]

    3.   In truly deserving cases, the service and the equipment are provided FREE - The FSEG exclusively reserves the right to determine what cases deserving.

FSEG supports Gozitan business in helping save lives

Written by Marion Zammit. Posted in News.

The Friends of the Sick and the Elderly in Gozo (FSEG) has supported a Gozitan business in making available to the general public, two Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Earlier this year, Distinct Homes Limited approached the FSEG with its wish to install an AED outside each of its showrooms – one in Gozo and another in Malta – which lie on main roads that daily see a substantial amount of traffic and people passing through. The equipment is a contribution towards the community the business is established in, and has been installed in a prominent external area for use by the general public. This is the first time that a private entity, on its own, invests in equipment such as an AED for use by the public.

One AED has now been installed on Pope John Paul II Street in Victoria, Gozo and a second one is in the process of being installed in Mdina Road, Attard. The company intends to organise demonstration sessions of how the equipment works, which will be available free of charge to the general public. More information will be published in due course.

The FSEG immediately supported this initiative and encourages other businesses, organisations and entities to contribute towards the most vulnerable in the community.

Used in the first minutes after a cardiac arrest, an AED can make the difference between life and death. It is an easy to use portable tool that provides a step-by-step vocal guidance and can be used by persons outside the medical field.

The equipment was inaugurated by the Hon. Dr Justyne Caruana, Minister for Gozo, earlier this month.

Dr John B Pace, on behalf of the FSEG, said that saving lives is the most important way that the organisation can help the sick and the elderly and AEDs are safe life-savers even in the hands of non-medical people.

In its quest for the wellbeing of the sick and the elderly in Gozo, the FSEG welcomes and supports such community care initiatives and eagerly encourages other businesses in Gozo to take similar endeavours for the benefit of the population at large.

The FSEG has been providing several services on a voluntary basis for more than 30 years, including equipment on loan, such as mechanized beds and other tools, to improve the day-to-day care and comfort of the sick and the elderly in their private homes.