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  • Recognition

    The Friends of the Sick and the Elderly in Gozo is recognised by The Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and its Enrolment Number is VO/0066.

    The FSEG was a founder member of the The National Federation of NGOs of Malta, The Malta Health Network and The Gozo NGOs Association. It is the Gozo representative on the National Council for the Elderly.

    As a voluntary organisation, the FSEG won the "Premju San Lawrenz - 2001". The San Lawrenz Local Council awards this prize every year to the most deserving philanthropic society in the Maltese Islands. This was only the second time in six years that this prize was won by a Gozo-based society.

    It may be of interest to record that two members of the FSEG Committee have received national awards during the last few years for their personal qualities and philanthropic activities.

    FSEG Committee Member Mr. Chris Galea was selected O.A.S.I. "Zghazugh tas-Sena - 2000" (Youth of the Year).

    FSEG Committee Member Mrs. Antoinette Frendo was voted "Anzjana tas-Sena - 1995" (Elderly Person of the Year)

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  • Affiliations and Cooperation with other entities

    The Friends of the Sick and the Elderly in Gozo are affiliated with, and represented on,

    • The National Council for the Elderly
    • The Malta Health Network (founding member),
    • The Gozo NGOs Association (founding member) 

    The FSEG is active together with the Ministry for Gozo, the Parliamentary Secretariat For Rights Of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing, in the provision, monitoring, control, cooking and delivery of the Meals-on-Wheels Service in Gozo, cooperating with other philanthropic societies, constituted bodies, homes for the elderly and the Gozo hospital.

    Finally their active members attend at, and contribute to, seminars and activities relevant to NGOs and the care of the sick & the elderly. (See Recognition)

  • Meetings

    committee 250The attendance of members at the Annual General meeting is very important as it demonstrates their active interest, support and commitment, while it gives them the opportunity to express their views and to elect persons of their choice to the committee.

    The FSEG Committee meets every second Thursday of each month.

    The Year 2016 AGM was held on 23rd February, 2017 at the Exhibition Hall, Ministry of Gozo.

    The Year 2015 AGM was held on 19th February, 2016 at the Gozo Ministry.

    The Year 2014 AGM was held on 24th February, 2015 at the Ministry for Gozo Hall.

  • History

    This FSEG was inaugurated in 1988 through the amalgamation of "The Friends of the Elderly, Craig Hospital" and "The Friends of Chambrai". These voluntary groups visited and helped the patients of the geriatric wards of Craig Hospital in Victoria and those of the Psychiatric hospital in Fort Chambray.

    Since the name of Craig Hospital was changed to The Gozo General Hospital and the psychiatric hospital had moved from Fort Chamgrey to Xewkija and was due to be incorporated into the general hospital complex, the names of the groups became anachronistic. It was also realized that an additional voluntary group was desirable to cater for the needs of the sick in hospital that were neither elderly nor psychiatric. Thus "The Friends of Gozo Hospital" came into being.

    This was the new society's original name which, however, was short-lived because it was soon realized that sick and elderly persons in their own homes also needed assistance. In addition there was, at that time, a popular misconception about the role of volunteers helping a government institution. So, the name was changed to "The Friends of the Sick and the Elderly in Gozo" and the society's mission was extended to embrace the larger community. Within a few years about 600 paid-up members were recruited, this number fluctuates but continues to grow has currently stabilized at about 700.

Fundraising concert in aid of FSEG

Written by Marion Zammit. Posted in Home.

The formidable husband-and-wife duo, Pianist Michelangelo Carbonara and Cellist Kyung Mi Lee, are once again delighting friends and patrons in a superb fundraising concert.

The concert will be held on Sunday 18th April 2020 at 6:30pm at the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz, followed by an optional sumptuous three-course dinner.

The event is once again being organised by Ms Sonja Sinclair Stevenson-Lindblad in aid of the Friends of the Sick and the Elderly in Gozo (FSEG).

Tickets stand at €35.00 per person for the recital and €45.00 per person for the dinner. 

More information is available in our Events page here

 Concert Carbonara MiLee poster 18 04 2020

New AEDs for the public

Written by Marion Zammit. Posted in Home.

The Friends of the Sick and the Elderly in Gozo (FSEG) has supported a private initiative to install two new Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) for use by the general public.

The initiative was launched in the first days of November by the Hon. Dr Justyne Caruana, Minister for Gozo.

Read more in our News item here.

Car Boot Sales on alternate Sundays

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Turn your unwanted Treasures into Cash


Our regular and much-loved Car Boot Sales are back. 

We'll be happy to see new faces join us and familiar ones returning to, literally, turn their unwanted treasures into cash in this sought-after series of fundraising events.


We are meeting:

in the Street of the Gozo Colleges, off Fortunato Mizzi Street, Victoria.


Alternate Sundays


07:00 - 13:00h

If you'd like to join us, just show up on the Sunday of your choice and give us your contribution of €10.00 on the day. Should you wish to contact us, just give us a call on 21551180 or 21553336 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll be happy to hear from you!


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The main functions of the society are to assist the sick and the elderly in every way and to help improve the home facilities available for the safety, welfare, comfort and convenience of the sick and the elderly in Gozo.

This is achieved by means of the community care equipment loans service. The service is run by volunteers and the cost of the equipment is funded only by donation for use of the equipment, membership subscriptions and fund raising.


Written by David Pace. Posted in Home.


helper 450We need supporters and sponsors. Can you offer your help in any activity or make a financial contribution? 

We need help with our car boot sales, hospital visits, and other activities. We are always looking for sponsors. sponsorship could be financial, contributing to a particular project, or offering  a service or services to the FSEG.

All major sponsors are listed in the AGM report, thank you for your support.

Are you a member of The Friends?

If not, would you like to subscribe €5 per year or €50 for Life Membership?

We will keep you informed of our activities and invite you to our events. Help us make life easier for those who need help. Perhaps you will be interested in joining our Committee?

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